Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Google Drive -- Driving Us Nuts?

Are we spoiled, stuck in the past, joined whiners, or just the world has changed?

Google has long been a technology icon. But Google Drive is completely garbage. Something brilliant but disturbingly brainless.

* I cannot change the sync directory. After type in and choose OK, it goes back to the default. -- Sure there are ways to get it but why should we (pretend to be non-geek at this time) go all the extra miles?

* It syncs ALL files even as I told it to try a small directory only!

* There's no organization. Everything are dumped into a single folder. The famous minimalist Google dashboard style.

* There's no security consideration. The sync'ed gdocs are actually public links. Anyone can then access the files with the link and token. Well, I don't have good answer here for security but there should be something much better for the rest of us to learn.

I stopped in the middle after seeing what it tries to do. Cannot wait to the end. Maybe everything will be magically fixed after it is done. But what's in between is already not tolerable. I bet that Google doesn't care to test their products.

It may be useful for non-gdocs file or people interested in creating a catalog for the tons of docs they have but Google Docs didn't do a good job to organize. But we like more, for the next generation of Google Docs.

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