Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I want a Logitech QuickCam Cool!

I have been looking for a WebCam that's better than my old EZonics without really being a luxury. And it fit the bill. Only problem, --it is not available in USA!

Logitech sells multiple more affordable models in China. Including the "酷讯版 (Cool)" for desktop and " 灵讯版(???)" which also support notebook. In the United States, I have to spend almost twice for the "Chat" which doesn't really support 640x480! Sure, there's one built-in microphone but I already have a couple of good unidirectional PC microphones. It is definitely not my interest to splurge for a "communicate ST" or "Pro 5000". The Pro and more expensive models are really good but I simply don't need such expensive models.

My in-laws has a BenQ Webcam come with the flatpanel. It is not better than my 6-year old EZCam USB (conexant). I guess it is using the least expensive creative technology.

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